having seen devourke's thread on "massive movements", i had an idea.

it was an idea that fostered the community spirit, encouraged the lols and other things all at the same time.

im talking about an Epic Shit Thread/Gallery/Epic Shit goes here thread.

we could have like, votes and stuff.

thing is, its not exactly gore, such as other fruit gatherings and the like, and theres no goats involved.

but would you consider a picture or crap in a toilet bowl, no matter how epic, as gore?

would you allow the best thread ever?
Thread would be closed.

Like this one.
Quote by Bob_Sacamano
i kinda wish we all had a penis and vagina instead of buttholes

i mean no offense to buttholes and poop or anything

Rest in Peace, Troy Davis and Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis and Eric Garner and Mike Brown