I have fun with covers now and then but Log is the only band i'm interested in covering who play in drop d, what would be an easy song to begin with?
I suppose Laid to Rest is easy enough I think personally. Maybe try Redneck or Walk With Me in Hell? Can't really say anything else, since I don't listen to them that much.
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What do you consider easy? Laid to rest isn't too hard. On the riff in the second part of the intro (The part with the pinch harmonic) I find it a little hard to hit the fourth power chord on the second beat because it forces the pinch harmonic to be played a 3rd of the way into the beat. It's easy by myself but kinda weird for me to time right with a drummer.
Omerta by far is the easiest
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Omerta is really really easy.

I forgot about that song.
Omerta must be the easiest Lamb Of God song there is.
A lot of them are pretty easy if you have a bit of time to practise. Their mostly in the same scale and at the same tempo and I don't think many of them have crazy solos even if you want to play them.
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It's easy by myself but kinda weird for me to time right with a drummer.(Invalid img)
I'd say Blacken the Cursed Sun is one of the easiest to play. The Passing too, even though it's just a short intro song. Oh, and Reclamation, Pariah, and Confessional.
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