Could you share your modus operandi when you put together a song in a DAW ? I have a lot of stuff that I don't know how to put together coherently and fluidly. For example I have a song which is like 6 minutes long and it's quite progressive and post-rocky and of course I can't nail it from start to finish just by pressing record in reaper and playing the guitar...so I guess the common ''approach'' is to record perfectly different ''measures'' of the song and than put them together somehow, but what's your way to do this ?
If you're going to record in sections, then you need to tempo map the whole song out and use a click track that will match those changes (Logic's does this automatically, not sure about the other DAW's). Then you're easiest way is to set up punch-in regions so you record what you need (maybe start a bar early and end a bar late) and then you play leading up to the punch in and carry on 'til the DAW stops recording. You should then be able to simply crossfade between takes.
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