I'll try to keep this as short as possible. I played a lot of rhythm years ago, but never really cared about technique or practicing. My wife bought me an Ibanez Artcore last year so I started playing again after a 10 year break or so. This time around I started from scratch to learn the basics (this site and justinguitar.com have been saviors!) and have really been practicing proper technique and I can tell a HUGE difference, and so can my wife.

Enough background. I am to the point where I play fairly easy solos (Patience, Never Been to Spain, first half of Sweet Child o Mine main solo) accurately and up to speed, but the faster runs are a bit of a roadblock for me. I don't mind the grind of practice, and am happy to research lessons and forum on my own. I just want to make sure I am practicing and searching for the right terms.

For the faster sections of solos like Every Rose, Sweet Child and even the intro of Sometimes She Cries (yes, we love the hair bands!), should I be searching for and practicing "legato"? Or is it another term entirely?

Thanks for your help. Doesn't look like I kept it as short as I planned. Apologies.
I don't know about "Every Rose" and "Sometimes She Cries" but you should not use legato on sweet child of mine. Apart the occasional hammer on and pull off it's totally alternate picking.

I used to struggle for my life with that solo so i moved to other things, a few months later i was randomly messing about after not playing the solo for months and i pulled it of easily. You just need to practise well and it'll all come naturally, don't worry.
The impossible stuff will suddenly seem amazingly easy.
Thank you for that - particularly the reassurance!

I am able to get that short 3 second bit around 70bpm. I just wanted to make sure I am not making it too difficult on myself. I practiced SCOM for a few hours this weekend and could see some improvement. I will just stick with it and keep working on picking and timing and wait for the speed to come.

The really cool thing is after practicing the rhythm on that song, I can actually play other songs better now.

Thanks again.
The sometimes she cries intro is definately a legato run. There is a video for that intro on the net. The timing is tricky on that lick.
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The really cool thing is after practicing the rhythm on that song, I can actually play other songs better now.
Not sure what the guy above was trying to post, but it did make me go back and read that sentence. What I meant was learning and playing the intro (not rhythm) of SCOM has helped my accuracy on other songs.