I've got a red Vester superstrat which I'm looking to sell or exchange for a standard shape flying v. Preferably black with white pick guard.

Its a 24 fret, 25.5'' scale(i believe give me a couple of days to get home and ill clarify)
It has a Maple neck with rosewood finger board, with shark fin inlays which is a bolt on build onto a Maple body.
It is running a s.s.h. active pickups, and an official floyd rose. its has a 5 way pickup selector. 3 volume/tone nobs, again i'll check and make sure on details for them and post about it in about 3days.

It plays really nicely, neck is nice and fast, pickups have a fairly hot output. It will be coming with a hard case.
Pictures be up 3 days.

PM me if your interested.

It has a 25.5 inch scale, It has a small chip on the top of the headstock as shown in the pictures, Its a licensed floyd rose, Vester named. The volume control gives off some rather unpleasant noise when you use it, would suggest looking at wiring or replacing the pot.

Here is a website for the pictures of it, if you would like any more pictures just give me a PM and ill get some more taken and send then over to you.