I've decided to get a delay pedal after starting a thread on whether it's worth getting one for recording!!!

My budget isn't huge so it's come down to the Deluxe Memory Boy and the TC Electronics Flashback delay.

The main things I'm looking for are the sound quality, tap tempo and versatility and both of these pedals seem to have that.

Are there any other suggestions people have and what would people prefer out of the two.
I personally think that the TC sounds better, but the tap tempo on it is kind of awkward, so if you need to use the tap tempo live I would suggest the Memory Boy
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Never tried the other one but my flashback is awesome. Sounds great, easy to navigate, downloadable toneprint delays from different artists and it's a pretty blue colour.

The added loop function is very useful as well.
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Cheers guys - I really like the Toneprint thing as well from TC so I might lean towards that
I've got the Flashback and it's great - the number of delay modes add a lot of variety, the strum tap tempo works perfectly although a seperate button/ footswitch would be preferable.

Next stop the Toneprint - I've already got the Corona Chorus and the Toneprint function is definitely not a gimmick from the stuff I've downloaded.