Right i just purchased an orange rocker 30 (Nad to follow soon...) And my questions is will my footswitch for my jet city jca 100 work with the rocker 30 without any damaging or any problems?

The footswitch is the same quarter inch jack that the orange takes and is the same simple one botton switch for switching from one channel to the other.

In theory it should work fine right? Just wanted to make sure before i pluged into my new baby and blew it sky high.
As long as it's a single button one, it should, but an Orange FS-1 is all of $35.
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yer its single button i just wanted to know if they were compatible. I will be replacing it with a proper orange one soon but i got practise tomorrow and i could really use a footswitch.

So you recon it'll deffinatly be fine? If its not compatible will it damage the amp at all?