Hi all

I'm looking to trade my nearly new (1 month of use) Ibanez RG420FBZ for a Fender (Tele- with Humbuckers or P90's , Jaguar/JM ) or a Gibson (well used LP , LP Jr, Newer Melody Maker shapes).

I'm just after a straight trade really as money is tight. I bought this guitar for a metal band I was in ,and now that I'm not it just doesn't make any sense to keep it.

The guitar itself is in brilliant condition, and has only been used for practices. I bought it for £450 from dolphin music at the start of january.
It has 1 micro-chip on the bottom side of the guitar near the jack , and the high e's fine tuner has been slightly tarnished (see photo's).


It comes with all the tags and everything from new and all the tools for the trem system. And I ever have the box it came in . It didn't come with a gig bag but I will put it in one before packing.

Photos :-

Bump. Interested in Fenders or Gibsons. But make me any trade offer within reason :-)

UK Only
B.C. Rich Special X Mockingbird?
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When the glory's evident"
Petra - Beyond Belief.
Thanks for the offer mate , But I'm after something more traditional. Thanks though :-)