So I am finally going to buy an Acoustic, I have been playing clean electric for a while and am now wanting to get an actual acoustic. I have been playing music for about 7 years now so I don't think too cheap is really right for me (like £50 is too low) I have been looking at an EKO Ranger 6 quite a lot, priced at £130, Have played one that my friend owns on numerous occasions and it is comfortable, but I am wondering if anyone can give any better recommendations, I would probably be comfortable at paying around £160-170 to get a bit more quality, worth my money for the amount I play I think. so yeah any recommendations I will look into, Thanks!
I recommend you go to some guitar shops and have a look at guitars and brands you like in the sub 300 pound price range. Look at Yamahas, tanglewood, fender in particular. Then go to ebay and try and buy second hand within your budget. Thats what I did and I got a Crafter T035 plus hard case for 140.
I'd definitely recommend Crafter as well - excellent guitars, I've had mine for several years, gigged it 100s of times and it still plays, sounds and looks as good as the day I bought it.
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There's a firm in Colchester that appears to have a deal with Yamaha to dump their demo models at a discount.

If you watch Ebay for a while Tanglewood TW170AS does come up in good/newish condition around £150.
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