Is it like a new pastime for certain american police officers?

But as commenters on the site have pointed it we don't actually see her offense just her being tased so it's more a consideration of the rammifications of the overuse of police tasers.
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You can't conceive how many times I read that title wrong

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You can't conceive how many times I read that title wrong

I thought this thread would be about cannibalism.
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This video is really interesting, talks about the ethics of non-lethal weapons with some pretty shocking numbers for use in Australia. These weapons are meant to be used instead of shooting someone yet they get used all the time. http://www.ted.com/talks/lang/en/stephen_coleman_the_moral_dangers_of_non_lethal_weapons.html
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That's what they get for wanting equality.
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No, it just isn't publicised like that when it happens to men. Only men can be criminals, didn't you know?
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That's what they get for wanting equality.

That's what they get when they want equalityyy... WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

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I fail to see a problem.. We could just go back to the good 'ol days and beat people into submission.

I'd prefer to be tasered instead of beaten with a police baton.

And yes, I have been tasered. It isn't really painful, you do lose all muscle control and drop, which is exactly what is supposed to happen.
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I agree with jugglingfreak, I see little problem with it. As long as they're being used properly (which they probably are), then it's no different than tasing a guy.
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