I actually really enjoyed this track. The drums and guitar are really locked in, and the breakdowns are powerful. Some of the leads are very unorthodox but that add creativity to the progression. I also really like the clean part really changes the direction of the song pretty fast. It gets back into havoc and it feels chaotic in a very awesome way. Do you plan on adding vocals eventually??? Overall the tracks great and it has a very djent/mathcore feel.
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This is f*cking sick. Love the production on this. Very chaotic I like it. Banging my head over here. Add some vocals man screaming would complete this. Ooo there's a clean part. Very nice reverb @2:50 that guitar lick is sweet. Very catchy indeed. Get someone to scream over this it would be f*cking sick. I didn't notice C4C in the topic line but I'll ask anyways.

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Riff at the beginning is really heavy and awesome. It's sounds really chaotic in a way, yet still makes sense and fit's together, almost like Blotted Science. Innovative use of pick slides, or however you're getting that screechy sound. The clean part is cool, nice for a change of pace. This is pretty insane, but you make it work. Can't think of that much that could be improved, but maybe you could think of something other than a fade out for the ending. Overall though, it's fantastic!