I have been playing and learning guitar for about a year and a half. I love it, and is a nice outlet and hobby for me. One of my frustrations is singing. I am an awful singer. I am too embarrassed to sing in front of my family type bad. If i sent someone a recording on garageband could you offer any constructive criticism? Can you learn how to sing or is it just never going to happen? Not trying to make a career out of music, but would like to sing at a point where it isn't so embarrassing.

Thank you so much!

As long as you're not tone deaf, I think anyone can learn. It's a lot like playing an instrument - it requires a lot of practice. Have you thought about hiring a vocal coach?
absolutely considering going a vocal coach route. Financially it is possible right now, I just don't want to throw my money away if there is no hope.
You probably won't ever get top-billing at the Met or anything, but anyone can learn to sing to a level where they are presentable. I'm proof of that. I was as bad as your description suggests you are. We'd sing happy birthday at family functions and people would look at me as if to say, "buddy... just mouth the words."

The trick is learning how. Not just learning repertoire. That's pointless. You have to learn how to produce the voice properly.

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