I am looking to buy some new gear for my rig and I would appreciate some recommendations. I play metalcore/thrashy metal with lots of solo work, like Trivium, Bullet For My Valentine etc. My current gear you can see in my sig.

I am not putting a limit on the price, because I can always save up if need be, but the cheaper the better really.

Overdrive Pedal:- Currently my amp is a bit "loose" on the low end, especially with palm muted notes. I've heard an overdrive pedal will serve the purpose of "tightening up" the low end and give a more punchy sound. The Ibanez Tube Screamer has been mentioned alot, but are there any decent alternatives that will serve the same purpose?

Delay Pedal:- As mentioned above I like to play a lot of lead work. I would love a pedal that will give me a nice subtle delay just purely for making my notes sound "nicer" when soloing. I have no need for any absurdely long delay times.

Wah Pedal: I currently have a Dunlop GCB-95 but I really don't like it. It doesn't respond well at all with high gain and the sweep isn't as smooth as I'd like. I'd like a new wah that rectifies these problems, and also have some "tweakability". Or alternatively, what mods could I do to my GCB-95 that could solve my problems?

So there you go, recommendations appreciated
thanks in advance!
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If you live in America, the Deltalab cheap Overdrive pedal (in green casing) is actually a great overdrive.

Delay... I think TC Electronics makes a pretty good one. My new H20 has a good delay and reverb.

Most Morley wahs will be good for what you want in a wah.
6505+ head, then either the maxon od8 (i believe that's what it is called) or ibanez ts 808. I prefer the ibanez. The boss is ok, but I prefer the vox satriani signature delay pedal. the bands you named use Peavey heads, and Matt tuck uses the ibanez ts808 I believe. Not too sure about wah pedals .
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yeah I'm looking to buy a Morley Mark Tremonti wah myself, but haven't tried 'em.

For overdrive, if you're looking for cheap, there's the Joyo vintage drive or whatever it's called, and the Digitech Bad Monkey.

IDK about delay, I have an 80s Boss that does that all right.
in terms of wah, it's all about the zakk wylde wah from dunlop, peavey 6505 head - as used by nearly all of the mentioned bands, and then a real ibanez ts9 or ts808 or an mxr or maxon variant should do it. you should really get the amp first and then do a shootout between different wahs and OD pedals to see what you like running through whichever amp head you decide on.
You can't go wrong with a TS9 or IS808 tubescreamer. The TS9 is the more modern sounding of the two. Also the Maxxon OD pedals - they are the same thing as the tubescreamer but made by Maxxon.

As far as delays, TC electronics makes some good stuff, but I really like the MXR Carbon copy. It's analog so it doesn't have as many options as a digital delay, but it sounds awesome. The Boss DD7 is good for a digital delay too.

Morley Wahs are great - no switches and not pots to wear out either, just step on it and go. I like the Bad Horsie 2 and the George Lynch Dragon 2. I've also heard good things about the Mark Termonti wah.
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I got the Bugera 333xl because I really don't have £1000+ to spend at once. Surprisingly I can get decent tones with the 333xl with some proper tweaking of the settings, not to mention I want a nice clean settings and from my experience the 6505(+) is rather bad on its clean setting.

Also whats better, analogue or digital delays? And what does each one have over the other?
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Korg Pitchblack > Digitech Bad Monkey
Peavey 6505+ 112 w/ 2x12 (Celestion Vintage 30 and WGS Veteran 30)
[Effects Loop] Boss GE-7 > Boss CE-5 > TC Electronic Flashback
Personally, I have played both the 333xl and bugera's 6260 and there is just nothing in them. They sound like Charlton Heston in the remake of Planet of the Apes with Mark Wahlberg: lifeless (in case nobody remembers, he played the old dying ape). In the world of metal amps, I would say they are the equivalent of water: tastless. I guess it gets the job done if you want to have a half stack just to be loud, but if you want some flavor or care about good tone, you should just save up and get a decent amp (6505, soldano, vht, engl fireball, mesa, orange, etc.). Not to be a complete dick, but settling for a Bugera is like settling for Kraft Singles as a substitute for deli cut cheese.
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Overdrive - Digitech Bad Monkey.

Wah - Morley Bad Horsie Wah.

Delay - No Idea :')
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i'm guessing you got your harley benton from thomann, so i assume you're in europe. the harley benton vintage overdrive is a rebadged joyo, which is a tubescreamer clone, for 29 euro.

that's what i'd get.

the harley benton/joyo digital delay is pretty nice, too, though might be a little warm and vintage-sounding for what you want.
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