Hey so I'm looking to buy a new guitar. I have a budget of $600 dollars. I have a Gibson SG Standard and a Tele (modded into a plus with dually red and a blue). I play everything from jazz to metal, and I have no clue what to buy. I was looking into semi hollows, gretsches, hagstroms, faded lps, godins, and even a hamer xt. Some of my favorite bands to play are Muse, Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, Tool, QOTSA, RHCP, and Nirvana. I am open to pickup changes.
if it matters my amps are a peavey vypyr 75 and marshall jtm 60 head with a no-name eminence cab.
I only really have proper experience with ESP LTDs, but I'd totally recommend them.
Sounds like you have good gear already. Get a new speaker for your marshall.
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It's going to be hard to find a guitar that matches that music all over as in the Chilli's they have almost always used Stratocasters. As for Tool, Adam Jones has a Silverburst Les Paul. Radiohead have used a mixture over their careers and Nirvana Jaguars and Mustangs. I would definitely go with a guitar that had at least one humbucker. I don't think a semi-hollow will fit that music 100%.
get a good cab.

you'd be amazed how much a well-selected (that means actually sitting down and listening closely) speaker cab can help your tone. you already have good guitars and a good head (the vypyr wouldn't be my pick), so the weak spot is definitely the cab. it is amazing how big a difference having a properly suited cab makes. thats just my two cents though.

if you are dead-set on a guitar, hagstroms are always decent guitars at that price. I like your idea of a semi, it'll be good for jazz and you already have some solid-bodies. I also like the Richmond (a godin sub-company) dorchester. its a little out of your price range, but its a seriously amazing guitar. its chambered, so its a little "airyer" than a solid, and the pickups make it suitable for most types of rock.
The speaker/cab advice is right on the money if you play genres that need that. If you're using a lot of distortion it might not be an issue.

For the stuff I'm playing I get a good enough tone with any of these scenarios:
- Guitar into GNX4 right into a PA,
- Guitar into GNX4 plugged into JVM 410h w/1960a 4x12 cab
- Guitar into GNX4 plugged into JVM 410h going into the PA w/no cab (on standby, of course)
- Guitar into GNX4 plugged into JVM 410h using a shitty MG30DFX as the cab

Gain and Channel volume dimed on the JVM and Master Volume never going over 3.

By good enough, I mean if you record them equally and play them back blind, it's hard to tell them apart.

It's definitely not worth hauling the halfstack around in a trailer if the house has drums and a PA.

So if you're like me, then you get more mileage off another guitar. Maybe get something with a Floyd Rose. Maybe get a really short scale/small radius guitar like a Mustang or Jaguar.

"Muse"...you're not getting a Manson for $600.

Pup changes probably won't be worth the money.
I feel like... you should get a used fat Strat. You could possibly find a used American Strat in your budget, or else get a used MIM and get some nice pickups for it.
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