I play in a screamo band called Sartre. Our influences include Ampere, Funeral Diner, and Portraits of Past. We just released our first EP on a local record label. You can stream it or download it (pay what you can - you can choose to pay nothing) on our bandcamp page at http://mieuxdormir.bandcamp.com

Also, you can follow us on Facebook at http://facebook.com/mieuxdormir

Comments are appreciated!
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No thanks. Screamo is terrible... and talentless.

I doubt you have ever heard screamo.

Jetfuel: We wanted to keep the vocals a little lower in the mix than a lot of bands usually do. I agree that the drums are a little too muffled, though.
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Will download! Always fun to hear new skramz
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Im sorry, I just don't see how you could argue that hardcore isn't metal. That just seems arrogant to me.

Yes, its its own kind of metal, but its still metal.