Hi guys I've had the idea to wire in two input jacks on my guitar wach having a kill switch so i can switch between two different amps. Any advice on how to do this.
Hey, to do this you will want a SPDT toggle switch. It will have 3 lugs in a line. Wire the pup to the middle lug and then one outside lug to the tip connection of one jack, and the other outside lug to the tip connection of the other jack. If you primarily want it to switch between 2 amps for different sounds I would probably suggest buying an AB or ABY pedal, but if you want to stutter between the 2 amps then this sounds pretty neat!
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do it on a DPDT instead, have the hot on both the centre lugs, the tip and sleeve of one jack on either side one side, and tip and sleeve the other way round on the other

so it looks like this:

 Jack 1 Tip    |  Hot Signal  |  Jack 1 Ground
Jack 2 Ground  |  Hot Signal  |    Jack 2 Tip
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