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Whore yourself somewhere else.


but hot damn those cars are ****ing incredible...

why don't you just buy a camera?
They are great, but why not post on the forums rather than just spam them?
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Yeah, there are threads dedicated to UG forum users art, (this one for example https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=634971&highlight=art ) or you can do like I do and use your pictures section in your profile as a gallery.

That said, been looking at some of your images, they're very good.
I especially like this one.

Is it Escher influenced?
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I've been so pumped on that song in your sig lately.

I've been learning it on erhu for the past week or so. It's such a ridiculously memorable song.
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You play the erhu? How the heck did you find one?

Sweet art by the OP ...
Smile when you say that.
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