hey, guy I am planning to get a new guitar amplifier, I have around 300-350 bucks,
and can't decide what to get. I more like a metal player but like to play some blues sometimes currently I have a Fender Front man 15R and get wait to get rid of it.

I checked some reviews is Jonhson Marquis JM120 a good idea or should I check some other options?
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peavey vypyr tube 60.
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peavey vypyr tube 60.

+1 In this price range, it will be hard to find something that can do metal and blues as well as this little guy.
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Check out craigslist. I got a used 5150 head for like 400 bucks a few years ago. I also just recently got a hotrod deluxe for $300. Although I wouldn't suggest that one for metal. Are you looking for a tube or solid-state amp?