Jim aka 7thson over at guitarchaos.com and I have been working on a track called Gravenimage by the finnish power metal band Sonata Arctica. We are very pleased with how this one turned out, considering the size of the project 50 tracks of audio lol Jim is the best guy ever to work with.

Heres a run down of the gear we used.
Behringer B1 mic
Behringer 802 mixer
Echo audio Darla soundcard
I used.
Ibanez Rg570
Pod Ux1
All ryth guitar tone from TSE X50 with guitarhacks IR's
Lead guitar tone Lepou's Hybryt.
Superior drummer metal machine.
Synths, East west player Free edition and Dune.
DAW Reaper.

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Synths sound nice in the intro. Vocals are really good also. Guitar tone is pretty good, especially the lead. Bass a bit low in the mix, sometimes the lead synths parts are as well (only slightly though). The guitar playing all the way through is excellent. I love Sonata Arctica, and I thought this was a really good cover.

C4C my original?
Thanks MetalCommand for the listen and your comments. Yea listening to it again the bass is touch too quiet.

I had a listen to your hide in a dream track was stunning bro, i left comments in your thread.

Thanks again.