I'm connecting my 2.1 system to my front speaker connection and a decent set of speaker through a stereo system to my rear speaker connection.
I've checked and eliminated all possible reasons why it work's so awful(the rear surround sound "works" but with a treble bass-less sound that is sound plain awful)
its not the speaker and not the cable.
only driver, surround program , audio card and audio plater remain as possible reasons.
my sound card is a build-in sound card on a 2006 motherboard(supposedly 7.1) and my program is Realtek HD audio manager and the driver is a standard Realtek audio driver.
The surround sound does not work completely(no sound) if i uncheck the "speaker fill" option, maybe the emulation is what making it so bad?
actually in movies it works great,but in mp3 music its just plain awful, and in windows media player its the worst while in vlc its almost decent.

all i asked for is good surround sound
You said the mp3s sound awful, it may have to do with the mp3s not being surround sound themselves..?
idk... tough that all mp3 are equal, at least until some high-end audio-philia critic.
well.. i guess that if the movies sound good it has something to do with my music source