Ok i have a question and need some help.

In about a week or so im buying a new laptop. what would i need to be able to plug my guitars into the laptop and record myself pls? Ive never done this before so pls make it simple lol. And will this cost me an arm and a leg im looking for the cheapest way to do it with a laptop. I was considering going to get this new laptop from pc world if thats any help.

An amp modeller such as a Line 6 Toneport or some usb/firewire mixer will let you do that.
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You could.do a few things. first is buy a usb interface like the line 6 pod. You could also buy a usb mixer that way you could.record more than just 1 guitar at.a time. You could also buy a usb mic and mic the amp. If you have a line 6 spider series with the pod style direct out, you could get a 1/4 inch to 8 mm adapter,.connect that to the cable coming out of the amp and plug it into the microphone input on the laptop. The last option is lower quality though.
Thanks can you get thos on ebay or do they have to be built into the pc/laptop itself? and what other programs would i need with those pls if any?
No, those plug into your laptop via a usb or firewire port. You can get them in most music stores and online, and Ebay, yes.
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They are all separate from the laptop, I'm sure you can get all of it on ebay. audacity is a free program you can record.with and it's easy to use. you could.also look for an interface that comes with a program. I know you can get a package that gives you the maudo mbox (interface) and a version of pro tools, just look for it on hooray center.com or something similar
You would need some sort of interface. If you just wanna get the sound in, the POD can be great as it is USB compliant. I wrote an article about laptop DAWs. It's in the archives here, check it out!
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Great information and feedback i think i know what i need and have to do now thanks alot evryone great help. gota love this website for that.