This is why other countries hate us.


Pretty much.
Cheesiest title ever.
R.I.P. M.C.A.
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Since when does .com imply or denote any level of American authority - it just means commercial, does it not?

I swear every day America becomes more and more like Oceania.
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well **** that shit. All that needs to happen now is a shift away from .com though, which is happening to some extent already.
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Jesus christ america, get your shit together, this is starting to get scary.
Damnit government! I thought we told you to cut that shit out!
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Childish. Pathetic. Selfish. Fucking despicable.

I'm limiting it to just these words so if UG gets seized and the authorities/government see this post, they can comprehend in their tiny, low functioning brains what I think about them.
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Seems like they've given up on The Piratebay then. Unless .org is good enough for them.
The PirateBay is under something like .su or .se now ...
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That's what the Illuminati wants you to think, man
As an American citizen, I'm really disgusted by how our government seems to operate on the premise that our national interests supercede the rights and interests of pretty much every other country. The US really is a global bully. It's disgusting.
Simple solution. Change all domains to .xxx

Awwwww yeeeeehhhhhhhhh

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It would be in everyone's best interests if we removed America and burned it for warmth. If it doesn't burn we can send it to Siberia to count trees.
looks like theirs no such thing as freedom anymore.
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Since when does .com imply or denote any level of American authority - it just means commercial, does it not?

I swear every day America becomes more and more like Oceania.

The core system that makes the Internet function, in fact, is run by a U.S. entity known as ICANN , the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, which basically holds the keys for any person or business hoping to turn up in search results on the Internet.

The Internet DNS is based on a system of “root servers," each of which carries a copy of all the IP addresses in a given section of the Internet and the Websites they point to.

The system of root servers and the administration of "top-level domains" (such as .com, .net, and .org) and the various country domains (such as .us, .ca, or .de) is overseen by ICANN. Another agency, the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), is charged with technically handling and supporting the DNS and root servers. IANA is controlled by ICANN.

10 of the 13 root servers are in the U.S., and that the one that is arguably most important, known as server A -- which administers the .com domain -- is controlled by a for-profit corporation called VeriSign Inc. (Nasdaq: VRSN).

That's why..
Last year, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin met with Hamadoun Toure, the ITU’s chief, and said he wanted international control over the internet “using the monitoring capabilities of the International Telecommunication Union.

Anyone else find it odd that Russia is pushing for international control and America wants it all to it's self? Which one is the one that's supposed to be about freedom, fairness and all that again?
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