Hey, I was wondering, are there any y adapters for pedal that can put a stereo through mono? I have a chorus pedal that has stereo outputs, but I can only run one input into my amp (i have no effects loop). Is there an adapter that I can use to get the stereo sound in mono?

Thanks for any help given.
you cannot run a stereo signal thru mono. The stereo outputs are so you can run a dry signal to one amp and a wet signal (meaning the signal with the effect) to a different amp. You should be able to just run the mono or wet signal out to the amp you have right now but you cannot run stereo to one amp
Which pedal is it? In stereo pedals, usually one of the outputs is the mono output.
Just use that one.

For example, on the Boss CE-5, the mono output is the top one:

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Running stereo means you run your guitars signal through two separate amps at the same time. This gives you the full bodied "stereo" feel. A pedal that has the option of stereo output can allows for what the guys are saying above.
Since you only have one amp you cant run a stereo setup. So just plug in your guitar to the input and run the MONO output to your input of your amp and you should be getting your effect to work. If your dead set on a stereo sound, your going to have to invest in another amp and cab.