Well, I went to Birmingham Saturday to help my Brother choose a new amp for his birthday and to try out some guitars, and I ended up buying this:

A Laney Ironheart, managed to get it for £450, I think for the amp that is an amazing deal

So heres some more pics, (sorry if poor quality).

and here it is with my Egnater Renegade:

Just need another cab so i can play them both at the same time.

Anyway onto the Review:

Well after extensive testing I decided that this will be my next amp as my Renegade just didn't get heavy enough, or should I say not the type of heavy distortion I wanted. The Ironheart immediately sounded brilliant at high gain and very tight as well, all low notes were clearly defined and it didn't sound harsh either. What surprised me the most was the clean, at first it didn't stand out that much, but after getting it home it sounds a lot better. With the way I have my rhythm EQ set it sounds very mellow and generally pleasing, but it can be tweaked to sound quite bright and twangy almost, I don't think the cleans are as good as my Renegade, but they are defiantly useable.

On to the Rhythm and Lead channels, now both of these have similar amounts of gain and seem to be voiced rather similar, maybe the lead is a bit brighter, but they are both incredibly tight sounding handles my 7 string and downtuned guitars admirably. None of the notes are really lost while doing riffs, apart from where you let some low notes ring out and try to play a lead part, but when you want that you will generally have another guitarist do the low chords part.
All in all it is a great amp, and I can get a great metal sound out of it for all sorts of metal, I haven't tried turning the gain down much, but when I have it also sounds great for hard rock sound.

I do have a few gripes though, the Boost doesn't seem to do a lot unless you turn the gain down on the channels and use it as going from a rock sound to a high gain sound. But I find the high gain sound with the boost not to my liking, I would much rather roll back the volume on the guitar to get the rock sound or use my renegade. Secondly I find if I role the Wattage variance back too much it starts to get rather fizzy, so I keep it around noon for the sound I like.

Overall for the money I don't think I could find a better amp for me, I played the Egnater Armageddon later on Saturday, and although it sounds awesome it is 3 times the price of the Laney in the UK, and the rhythm and lead channels share the EQ on that, which I don't really like.
Final thoughts, great amp, can role with the big boys and you really can't knock it for the price.
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Been dying to try one of these ever since Laney announced them. What speakers are you running in that Zilla?

Running G12k-100's, great speakers for metal I find, and if you do find somewhere to try one, give it a go.
  • 40th Annivesary Strat USA
  • BC Rich Mockingbird ST
  • ESP LTD M200UC w/ BKP Aftermath's
  • Parker P38
  • Ibanez RG7321 w/D-sonic and Liquifire
  • Tangglewood TW47 B
  • PRS SE 245
  • Edwards E-EX-110D Stain Cloudy Black
If the Renegade's voicing is anything like the Rebel's you just need an OD-pedal to get it tight sounding for metal.

But anyway, having a great rock amp and a great dedicated metal amp is great.

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That is hot. Why does every Laney look nice except for the one I actually like?

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very nice
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Nice, Ironhearts are wicked
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HNAD! Aren't these the amps Killswitch Engage are using/endorsing now?

Maybe, but I bet they are still running their Splawns off stage.
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Yeah, KillSwitch are now using these...

And you, sir, are a prick

Been GASing for one of these since they've been announced... And for £450!!!

I officially hate you!!! :'(
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