Nice. The strings part was really good, pretty ominous. The electric bits were good too. Generally, I wasn't too sure about all the weird timing things, but it's a really good piece. Couple of weird skips in the recording though, not sure what happened there.
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tanks for your crit ! yeah the changes... they gave me a short part of their movie and it was the first time i tried to compose something direct to a film scene. there was a lot action going on and i tried to capture it. like in the string part they are surfing really close to each other to perform a really freaking kind of stunt...
It's a great track and really sounds like a movie soundtrack. I think the drums were somewhat boring in the slower parts but that's excusable for samples, judging by the video description(?). Everything else was superb and enjoyable to listen and the middle section brings variation to the song. Good luck for the film project!