I'd like to know if I should rather get a Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass or a Mexican Fender Standard Jazz Bass.

What would be the differences?

Some argue that there isn't too much difference. The Squier VMs have a great reputation, and lower end Fenders are reportedly hit-and-miss.

But try them out - no use generalising
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But try them out - no use generalising


I went the squier route. but might just be me. as stated before, the issue with mexicans is that they are quite hit and miss. you may found a good bass (that should be "better" than a squier) but there are also some that has neck issues, sharp fretts, etc, and then, any squier VM would be better than that. also look at squier Classic Vibe series.
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If you're buying new, a Squier Vintage Modified or Classic Vibe is much better bang for your buck. If you're not opposed to buying used, a used MIM Standard is about as good a value as a new Squier.

There's a number of differences between them, different pickups, different finish options, etc. etc. Quality-wise, it's going to be hit or miss for either one. There are lots of great Squiers in the VM and CV series, and there are lots of great MIM's. There are also some real dogs in both varieties.

Either way you can't really go wrong. Just try them out in person if possible, and pick whichever one you like better. You'll end up with a solid bass either way.
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One thing I hated with guitars was crooked necks.

Are the necks on Fender or Squier basses hard to play or hard to adjust?

Jazz bass necks are traditionally thin and easy to play so I wouldn't worry too much.

But if you want to know for sure (HINT: You do) then try them out!
Personally I'd go for the Squier, as I just did today

Nearly half the price in the UK, but just as good build quality usually (just make sure you try before you buy just to be sure)
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If you don't have an amp, I'd get the Squier used if possible, or which ever is cheaper.
I would get the Squier. In my personal preference, I would take a Squier VM or CV over most MiM Fenders. But thats my opinion with only have used about 3 MiM Fenders.