Hey guys, pretty simple i recently came into some money and am looking into buying my first "real" amp. Here is the relevant info:

Currently have 700$ available, however since i am planning to make this a serious investment and i have a steady job i can easily save up more, i'd say my max would be around $1k or a bit over.

Genres: Looking for modern tones, i play alot of post rock, progressive style stuff, i know that includes many different sounds so im looking for versatility. Cleans are important as well as high gain. The particular type of distorted tones im looking for are hard for me to put into words. I want a heavy low end, but i want the highs to be heard distinctly at the same time as i often play in sort of a chords and lead style.

New or used: open to either!

Home or gig:
Definitely needs to be suitable for both, although i do own some smaller practice amps. I will be able to crank it at home but doesn't have to be too loud since the amps are mic'd at the gigs i play. Needs to be able to be heard over a drummer for practices.

Closest city:
currently the closest city to me is Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Current Gear:
Amp: fender champion 300
Pedals: the Ibanez DE7(delay), EHX Freeze(sort of like a sustainer on a piano), T. Rex Reverb, EHX worm(vibrato/trem/autowah/phaser), and the Danelectro Cool Cat Chorus.
Guitar: Custom built strat copy w/ Bill Lawrence humbuckers i think they are shielded L-500s but im not sure

I've been looking into Carvin, had my eye on the Carvin V3M or the X100B although thats just based on some youtube reviews and looking at their website. Just looking for suggestions, open to anything really

edit: also should mention im open to heads or combos.
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You could go for a JCA20H and a Marshall 4x10 cabinet. It's pretty sick tube sound, good for rock, prog, stoner, even metal (listen to the band Floodstain, and you will hear what it can do)
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I thought the cleans on JCA20H were kinda meh...
But the Jet City's are killer amps!