Hey guys,

So I'm out in Long Island and I'm sure some of you guys already know how this practice has pretty much dominated the Island (eg: Vibe Lounge, loaded, etc...) Anyway I'm not here to really bitch about it, in my experience these shows have sucked and thats about it, maybe its worked out well for some bands, so more power to them...

What I wanna hear from some of you guys are any ideas or experiences you've had with finding/putting on good shows around your area and getting yourselves out there. I wish I could add something here, but unfortunately I haven't had such an experience.

I hope others who stumble onto this post share/find some cool info here, which could inspire others to get out there too and stop this exploitation. It makes me feel sorry for the ambitious guys who really wanna get their band out there, but get fooled by this ploy and I doubt I'm gonna put a stop to it, but every bit helps I suppose.
Do you guys know how much these DIY shows would usually go for...I don't have any access to basements right now haha, but say I wanted to rent out a hall or something, do you guys have a ballpark?
Bars. Bars, bars, bars. If you have a fan base, and can bring people to the bar, they'll call you to come back.

thats the difficult part dude, I mean its like most of our fans are friends of ours in college and I can't realistically expect all of 'em to keep coming to our gigs, its all a vicious cycle haha...but bars are definitely a good idea
@tyler, yeah man, we did it once, it was total shit, we're actually thinking of organizing our own show, n it'll be awesome to bring some other bands in on it, gotta look at some halls...i guess i gotta get off my ass and get to work haha
Fortunately, I've never had to deal with the "pay-to-play" bullshit. My current band, and other previous projects, have never really had a problem getting gigs in most of the venues in my area. The only exception to that was a metal band I was in, but if you're in a metal act, you've got to face the realization that there's a large portion of venues (aka bars) who don't book metal because it's not the vibe of the place, nor will it be taken well by their patrons.

I live in a smaller area , so it's probably much easier to get gigs, although the music scene has been growing pretty steadily in the past couple years. My band plays nearly all originals, with a few select covers thrown in for certain sets, so we normally book with at least 2 other bands. It also helps that myself and a couple other guys in my band are pretty well known in the local area from previous acts and we have good relationships with many promoters and bar owners.

In short, just get your name out there. Play nearly anywhere that will have you and begin to gain a following. The more of a following you have, the more opportunities you'll have.
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My town's music scene is really kind of sad and small, but there's like shows at coffeeshops a few times every week, illegal house shows occasionally, an annual music fest type thing one of the bands puts on, and that's pretty much it. Paying to play is some lame ass shit.
haha we actually are a metal band, but yeah the rock n roll vibe probably has a better reception at a bar, i mean we've actually had a couple of shows on campus where the guys wanted to shut us down coz we were too loud and ringing over the other events...good times haha

thats pretty cool you seem to get decent gigs out there, but thats the thing out here, the places that will have you are the places who wanna score as much money from u as they can haha...but i'm gonna give it a shot and try to get a DIY metal show going...god knows there's not enough metal in LI

@ due, ain't that the truth