Hey! My first post to this community, although I have been secretly lurking around here for about 2 years or so.
Anyways, as the tilte says I'm having some fret buzz on my brand new guitar.
I found the action to be too high, so i simply lowered the bridge until the desired height, although there was too much buzzing, due to the strings being too low.
So i raised it as much as i can and realized there is still some buzzing along all the strings when i fret the first fret. So I'm assuming my second fret is causing the buzzing.

Once i noticed it was buzzing and it had only been a day since my purchase I brought it back and the tech said my neck was bowing too much, so he simply straightened it out for me. This made the problem better and there was a lot less fret buzz along the first couple of frets although there is still fret buzz all over the first fret.

*When i fret the first fret on all strings i get a buzzing noise. On my Low E string (thickest) there's is buzzing up until the 7-9th fret. Then it stops.
On the second fret there is little but not as much buzzing along all strings.

Advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You
Well, first off it sounds like your tech did a shitty job on the setup. Most techs are pretty good at eliminating fret buzz. But if I could offer once piece of advice it would be try thicker strings. It may take a while to get used to, but thicker strings can really do a lot to eliminate fret buzz. Otherwise, take it to a better tech.
The tech seemed pretty skilled. I'm assuming my frets need some leveling, he did adjust the truss rod and it fixed most of it. And for the strings, I'm thinking of going to 0.12's. But I will take it to a tech close by. Thanks!
sounds like the truss rod still needs a little adjustment. truss rod adjustments can take a little time (a few hours) to completely take hold, so its not uncommon even with a good tech to need to touch up a truss rod adjustment a little bit.

it should be possible to get fairly low action with no buzz with regular strings (I use 10's and 11's, and I have no issues in E or D standard respectively). try getting the set-up tweaked again before you go to heavy strings or go mucking with the frets.
What this sounds like is one frets a tad too high. Figure it out by fretting then go up one fret once the bzz stops look for the fret that the strings rubbing on. If it happens on all strings at the same fret you need that fret refreted if its just one string you can fileit down with a fret file.
How much fret buzzing is acceptable? I get loads of fret buzz on my ec-1000. The neck is bowed just a tiny bit, the action is great, it's perfectly intonated, and it's soft and a breeze to play. Just that it buzzes all over, and when playing anything harder than very mild strumming. On the other hand, if I turn the amp way up, I don't hear the buzzing in the amps sound. Well, it's almost undetectable.
So, should I just not worry about it? It's a bit annoying when practicing at low volumes though...
well, currently it's got 10's on it. and the buzzing happens on the third fret, when i got my finger pressed on the first fret. Maybe i need that fret to be refretted?
Oh and i should probably mention that it goes away on all the strings when i fret the second fret except the low e. That on buzzes until the 4th.
Well, i brought the guitar to a tech and he fixed the problem, turns out my neck was bowing backwards and what not, he fixed it. Thanks for the suggestions guys!