Just wanted to say Hi, I'm new, 35 and I just started to lean how to play the bass. But hay it's never to late to learn. Lol
welcome! bass is a great instrument. you're right it never is too late to learn. enjoy the journey!
alright! there's never enough of us running around.
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I wouldn't call what we have here on the Bass Forum a mentality. It's more like the sharing part of an AA meeting.

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Welcome to the least judgemental forum on ug cheers, bro
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That's it, you're all banned.

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If I wanted to listen to something slow, I'd play some hippie music.
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Not only are we the least judgmental, we're the least likely to say "bro."

Glad to have you, the bass forum needs a shot in the arm in the form of new active members.

cool story, bro.

being argentinian, I never get why would people use "bro" to finish a sentence... is it to look like homies or something like that? Cause I get along with african american people (my step father is africanargentinian ) but nothin' sucks more than a white kid pretending to act negro.

Anyways, on topic, welcome to the low end, welcome to the bass forum, and enjoy your instrument, cause it gives to you as much as you give to it. that's why it's so lovable!
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When you break a bass string, that snapping sound is the sound of six dollars going down the crapper.

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^^It's just a term of endearment with dude friends.
I think that's what he was getting at. Has nothing to do with ethnicity xD

But to OP: Welcome, welcome. Remember, bass players do it with feeling and rhythm. blah blah.

What made you start? What are ya playing with/through.
We need a little more info before we start calling you "bro", bro.
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Well, my dad plays the guitar, my wife's uncle plays the guitar, her godfather plays the guitar. The church I go to don't have a bass player so I thought, hay if i learn how to play the bass maybe when i get good anuff I can play there, than they would have one. Until than I can jam with everyone that plays the guitar and be the only one paying a real guitar.. Lol just kidding about that lat part.

ps I thought stoners always sed "bro".
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Not only are we the least judgmental, we're the least likely to say "bro."



Back on topic. Its never to late to start playing. I started playing bass seriously when I was 44 after playing guitar for years and years.