At first I have to say I'm not a drummer, but I want to share the problem our drummer has.
I searched the forum but, didn't find anything like that oO
He bought some used crashed and now they start to break and get some really bad cracks. They still work, but how can he avoid to break them completely, are there some secrets how he could "cure" the crashes?

Thank you if you have some ideas
They're pretty much gone now, if the cracks are small, find someone who works metal and ask them to drill a hole (or two) at each end of the crack to stop it from spreading.

Either than or he has to cut them down or buy new ones


He should re-evaluate his technique.
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He bought those crashes used, so it's not only his guilt that the crashes are broken. Drilling holes sounds useful maybe we'll try that, thank you for this hint

Yep drilling them is the only option, there's stacks of guides on the net.
Drilling holes will also change the sound of the cymbal quite a bit, which might not be a good thing. They are also not a permanent fix in most cases. Unless it was done utterly perfectly, the hole will eventually spread and be even worse than the original crack.
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It's just an inevitable part of playing drums.

You are after all hitting pieces of metal. They will eventually break.

What has been suggested will work but eventually you will not be able to save them. Time to buy new ones!

Just don't be too rough when using them, that's how you get maximum life out of them. Also cheaper cymbals are more likely to break.
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Okay, I see there's not much hope for the crashes.
I'll count the days they will last from now Thank you so far, we'll think about drilling the crashes.
To get maximum life out of cymbals he should avoid hitting them dead on. When he hits his cymbals it should be more of a sideways 'flick'.