So there's this chord progression in the song Showbiz by Muse which I think is really cool. I would really like to know about how it might have been formed, where the chords come from and what the middle two chords are. The chords are:

e-2          e-4          e-4          e-2
B-2          B-3          B-2          B-3
G-2          G-2         G-2          G-4
D-4          D-0         D-4          D-4
A-4          A-           A-           A-2
E-2          E-           E-           E-

Any help is much appreciated

EDIT: Also, sorry for the dodgy tab thing, I've no idea how to do that properly :P
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You could probably notate the D as D(#11) and it'd look prettier, and basically mean the same thing.

It's all diatonic to F#m, but it does a very nice effect (the G# on top of the D, then retaining that note in the F#m for the add9).
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Yep, the is in the Key of F# Minor...for playing over it, it's strictly F# Natural Minor all the way, just pay attention to the chords tones and how they move from chord to chord and you'll be able to create some nice lines over it without getting bogged down to "playing a scale" persay.
That chord progression sounds nice with the voicings they chose ! If it can help you, always pay close attention to the voicings of each chord. It is often the reason you may prefer the harmony of a song compared to another.