found a strange Les Paul custom at a friend's place the other day, being neglected in his garage.

it's a Gibson with a rosewood fretboard, custom style block inlays, double binding and binding around the headstock etc etc.

Now, it's finished in white, with gold hardware, still pretty normal i guess...
BUT on the back of the headstock it features a small silhouette of Zakk wylde? i find this strange because there is no Zakk wylde insignia on the guitar, nor does it contain the ever dreadful EMG pickups.

I offered to buy the guitar to which he willingly agreed, for a pretty small amount of money as he is more of an ESP kind of guy.
i plan to remove any form of zakk wylde reference from the guitar, but i'd just like to know a little about the instrument before i apply the paint stripper.

if anyone can help me out, please speak up
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got any pics?

the stand out odd thing about this is that you say it has a rosewood fretboard - all customs, including the Zall Wylde signature, have darker Ebony fretboards. This may be the first sign it is a fake but hopefully not!

sorry but i cant help with paint job advice.
pics please man you got me interested. are you sure it isnt a guitar built from parts of other les pauls? that could explain the zakk wylde with no EMGs, unless someone modified it in the past. if it has a serial number still check gibsons website if you dont know how to read it and they should be able to tell ya about it. hope this helps but please post pics.
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the serial number checker said the guitar was made at the Nashville plant on may 23, 2003.

sounds about right but it doesn't show the info on the guitar.
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no....a lot is weird about that guitar. if its cheap ok. but im 75% sure its a fake. you need to check that guitar with gibson and verify a serial number.

first off, no custom has a rosewood board. thats a dead giveaway. second, it looks like an epiphone. however, i have an epi custom and they match their hardware, so the 3 way switch would be gold too - its not.

ive never see na truss rod cover like that on any les paul

95% of gibsons have the kluson style tuners. those seem out of place, and if you add it on top of everything else, it tells me they are most likely the asian made grover copies

is that zakk wylde painted in? fake. there is no gibson / epi that does that is there?

those serial numbers look wrong. generally gibson stamps thier dont they? those look pained on.

...just a thought: perhaps somebody took an epiphone or a knock off, chopped the headstock off, and put a gibson headstock and and refinished the guitar so you could see the woodwork. notice how its a white job, not a natural wood finish....

this guitar scares me. if its a few hundred bucks and you like it. meh. if you paying a decent amount of money stay away.

mate - that's a fake.

the fretboard is rosewood when it should be ebony, the tuners look like acoustic grovers, the diamond logo on the headstock is out of shape should be in mother of pearl.

if you have a quick look online, you'll see that Zakk Wylde customs circa 2003 are mostly bulleye paint jobs with EMGs and bare wooden finish on the back of the neck.

here's what it should look like:


I hope i am wrong about all of this but it just too many odd features and the rosewood neck is the biggest tell-tale sign of all!
yeah man, seeing that logo on the back without the shitty bullzeye graphic weirded me out, i'll be dissecting it tomorrow evening to explore its innards.

the back of the pickups could provide information, so could the potentiometers and wiring.
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How much did you pay for it?
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It's an obvious chinese fake. The Zakk Wylde decal is a dead give away as well as the rosewood fretboard. I've been doing some research on these myself. Apparently they use Epiphone pickups and Epi specs for hardware instead of Gibson specs. If you can get it cheap, go for it, but any more than 250 or so i wouldn't take it.
haha! the more i look at the pictures, the more it just looks strange to me.

he was asking $500, will tell him no.
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it does have fretboard binding, just looks terrible. you should see the wiring..... wow.
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it does have fretboard binding, just looks terrible. you should see the wiring..... wow.

He means the nibs. Everything about that guitar is awful. Such an obvious fake.
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Pop the pickups out and look at the routing. Usually obvious when they're a fake. Pickups should be Gibsons too. If the volume tone pots are the small sized ones, and weird colored wires ... another giveaway. Looks like a Chinese fake to me.