so hey guys I didnt know where to put this so I put it here as you can see

basically I've been playing with headphones for awhile. I usually play wit an amp but now I'm traveling so... ok so anyways these are isolated headphones and they have one cord only going out from the left side. it sometimes gets between my guitar and strap and kind of pulls my head down and all

so how do you wear your headphones when playing yoru instrument so that the cord doesnt get you all wired
I have an extension length of cord, can play almost anywhere in my house w/o unplugging. I wear the phones over my guitar strap, wrapped around an iron cross on the strap. Usually with iphone earbud underneath to hear guitar pro/ backing tracks/ metronome. The iphone cord is far too short.
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can't use headphones myself as they produce too much feedback and I don't care on buying better ones
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When i'm playing guitar using headphones i put the cord behind the body of the guitar if not, just behind the neck.
I don't use headphones because I barely use my amps.. I hate living in a housing addition with their gay-ass rules.
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I have ****ing wires everywhere. My interface > USB wire is about 3 foot long, my guitar cable is 6 foot long, and my headphones have an 8 foot cable. I just wound them shorter and put a bag tie around it, then either tuck it behind the guitar or feed it under my shirt depending how long I'll be sat down for.