Hey all!
I'm planning on moving to Trondheim, Norway this summer and I was wondering if any guitarists, drummers, vocalists, key players or bassists, happen to live around there (I've heard ukulele's are quite popular there as well). I play bass and guitar, and I've been doing main vocals in a band for half a year now and I was wondering if there are people to play some riffs with over there. As for musical taste, I like to play just about anything (I play Skrillex, Primus, Dream Theater, Muse, Children of Bodom, Strokes, RHCP, RATM, Johnny Cash etc.). Please let me know if you're interested

PS: If anybody speaks Norwegian, I'd like to practice my Norwegian since I'll have to pass a language test in July to enter the NTNU...
I guess ISAK should be the community for you:

About the ISAK centre
The ISAK centre, which comes under the Culture Department of Trondheim Local Authority, is a cultural centre for young people who want to perform, create or experience culture. Here you will find facilities, expertise, equipment and partners you can work with, and you will be able to get help in realising the most incredible ideas.

The main target group is young people from 16 to 25 years of age, but the facilities can be used by everyone. You are more than welcome to come to the centre if you need something to do or somewhere to be.