Hey guys, i'm first time on the forums and would like some oppinions and tips about my recording and playing

See the problem is that when i record you can hear the sliding sound pretty hard and it kinda annoys me. I've done my research and i know that some gate can fix that, which i'm doing.

How do i record?

I have a floor pod ( Line 6 Floor Pod Plus) to be precise.
I plug my guitar into the input plug and there's an aux input which i connect to my pc's mic plug. I open up audacity and record, click the link for a song i covered and you can hear the sliding. I record it and it sound pretty dead on except the freaking slide im hearing. So please help me And give feedback about playing Also there's some noise even when i'm not playing :/


Here you go
Better technique is actually the best way to fix this. You need to actually take your hand off the neck.

Also: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1282549
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Thanks At the start i actually have my guitar knob turned all the way down, and i turn it up just before the guitar starts, so i dk whats the problem to that.