I got a weird buzz from my amplifiers that comes in regular periods. I've tried all my 3 different amps and 3 different guitars, multiple cables, with or without extra effects. It's still there. Tried standing different ranges from amp to check if it's some kind of feedback. Didn't change.

The buzz will get lower if I put my hand over the strings or will be completely gone if I turn the volume on the guitar down. Doesn't seem too matter which pickup I use. No difference from clean or distorted settings.

I recently moved all my gear up to my fathers house where there was no buzzing sound. Even with all the same equipment. Is there a possibility that the electrical system in my house causes this? I have tried different contacts in rooms all over the house. Still buzzing.

Anyone got any idea what this might be? It's driving me crazy!

EDIT: Forgot to mention. This only became a problem 2-3 months ago. I had all the same equipment before that.
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Yeah I would assume you have some noisy circuts in your place. Same thing happens with me and my pedalboard. It's annoying.
But I have used the same outlets before without a buzz, is it still possible thats the reason?

Googled for a quick way to check if it's grounded, was none. Oh well, will get one of those testers then.