So I have a Big Baby Taylor that I have had for a couple of years. I have been playing for about 4-5. I remember having a really hard time playing barre chords first starting out but as I progressed they got alot easier and on my electric I have no problem. I have played using the factory set-up with that acoustic since I bought it. I am trying to learn the song here without you by 3 doors down which requires picking out a barre chord and pulling off my middle finger. When I pick the notes out after lifting my middle finger off the b string the B string and/or the A string usually buzz or are dead. This is pretty much the only acoustic I have ever played so I don't have a comparison. I heard somewhere that the action is high if you have wiggle room after putting a quarter under the 6th string at the 12th fret. I can fit just barely over 2 quarters in that area.
The short answer, it's YOU!

The backstory, an acoustic guitar requires a fair amount of string tension to sound good. Not to mention the string excursion necessary precludes very low actions An action below about .100 (1/10) isn't really attainable on most acoustics. Since a quarter is about half that, I'd say you're SOL.

The fact you can do a barre chord on an electric, is mostly irrelevant in the context of the acoustic guitar.
If you go to the Frets.com site and look under the "of interest to musicians" section, you'll find the set-up guide which will show you the standard measurements for assessing your action.
You can then decide whether to take the instrument to a tech or try working on it yourself.
could be the action. you could check the info at frets.com - a wealth of very useful guitar into. options are you could try lighter strings or you could take the guitar to a luthier and ask if it needs a set up.

my hands, btw, never got strong enough to play barre chords for extended periods without using extra lights or a short scale guitar. otherwise i have to sort of throw the weight of my shoulder behind the barres, and it slows down my playing, plus i end up with sore hands and wrists. also i find a wider neck and rounded profile is easier to barre on. might be worth experimenting at some guitar stores to find out if there are guitars you find more comfy to barre with.
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