Just bought a Boss multi effects pedal and have of about 10 effects on it for my originals , and i was just looking for songs that use an effect other than distortion for bass.

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try Tool, i think Justin Chancellor uses effects rather often.

wouldn't be a huge fan of tool i know they have crazy basslines but would rather something less heavy
Definitely Tool, like fight said.

Can't forget about Les Claypool, from Primus. I always thought Sam Rivers from Limp Bizkit did some pretty cool stuff to.
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'city of delusion' by muse has some wah-y phase goin' on
'ruled by secrey' also by muse has some synth bass as does 'i belong to you'
i'm assuming by saying distortion, you are including overdrive and fuzz etc?
some chillis songs use envolope filter or a wah pedal
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Sleep has the mu-tron see "dragonaut". A lot of doom has effects, but you don't like heavy.

Black sabbath has the famous "NIB".

Discounting fuzz and dirts, a mild to heavy chorus effect really thickens and "trips up" the bass line. fuzz, in conjunction with phasers, filters, wahs, octavers makes for a synth tone so adding and tweaking multiple effects can make great results.

Not really a delay fan on bass, but maybe staccato foam muted notes with slapback would be fun.
Wah(ry) effects;
Rage against the machine - calm like a bomb
Audioslave - Cochise
Metallica - Pulling Teeth (Anaesthesia)

Shinobia vs Dragon Ninja - Flanger/chorus effect on the verse sections

Muse - Hysteria/time is running out, heavily distorted with a synth/phaser effect mixed together.
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Anything by Larry Graham is definitely worth checking out, especially Earthquake.
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try 'Jail' by Down, some really cool flange happening
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Pink Floyd - One of these days

Delay through most of the song, and some tremolo during the bridge. Simple, but amazing.


Also ( I Might get a little flamed for this): Kings of Leon: delay (I think?) and a whammy set to +1oct.

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Also ( I Might get a little flamed for this): Kings of Leon: delay (I think?) and a whammy set to +1oct.

As much as I hate to admit it, good shout there.

I am also going to be honest, I can't a;ways find a lot of room to experiment with effects on my bass. Anyone got any tips on anything that can help make them appropriate in a two guitar + synth rock-ish band?
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