Good evening everyone!

Zoo Biscuits

There it is, watcha think? I really wish I had some sexy girl to do vocals for me...

Oh well! Yes, I totally ripped off Sleigh Bells :P Was just trying my hand at their production/mixing style.

I will gladly C4C
I think the guitars are a little too loud in the mix. I can imagine this with female vocals. It'd sound real cool. Solid guitar-work. Catchy, and has a good tone. I can't tell if you recorded the guitar with a direct line-in or if you just mic'd the amp. The ending is awesome.

I agree the guitar is too loud, a bit too much distortion, but good you double-tracked the geetar. I worked with several female singers when I was single (most were good looking, one was tone deaf!). Go find one (one that's not tone deaf)! I like the lead synth(s)! Good song overall. Please review my music at this link: