This was the first song I wrote in my old band, A Suicide Alibi. The band has long since broke up, and I'm finally getting around to recording and releasing all our old stuff. Check it out via the link below:


As always, if you enjoy it, check out more on my SoundCloud and Artist pages in my sig.

I do C4C, but I only comment where you link me. Don't link me to youtube if you wanted a post in your thread.
Need to sort that cymbal out! It's running rampant!

Otherwise, pretty damn cool man. Mixed and recorded well (except that darn cymbal, haha)

Where are the voooooccccaaaaallllsssss?! Also, there better be a solo coming up...

Ah, a breakdown. Hmmm, I'll allow it! I see no reason for you to stop recording and making music, so carry on!