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I've been writing some more progressive metal stuff lately and I just wanted a little feedback, critique please!
Very Animals As Leaders inspired, as well and some Scale The Summit. Tried to keep the melodic parts as melodic as possible and the heavy parts as brutal as I can!

Invasion Of The Elitists.gp5
Invasion Of The Elitists.tg

Sub-par (at best) composition, seems to me you just used random notes and phrasings.

Were you trying to imply this is what elitist-types write music-wise?

Not trying to be a dick, just calling it out for what I perceive it to be.

In terms of critique, I've listened to AAL and this doesn't come close to that style of music, what you're missing is the virtuosity that makes bands like AAL shine (or not).

The first thing I'd do to make this better is change the drums. The 9/8 timing riff is a good idea, just poorly executed.
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It actually isn't bad until bar 15. What the hell were you thinking there? I actually liked the chord progression underneath, it had potential, but those sweeps are so off-key it hurts.
There is some potential here.

The parts that I really did not like were the sweeps in 15-16, and the F#'s in the part at 26. There's nothing wrong with dissonance, but they sounded more like wrong notes I thought. Some of the parts went a little too long without any change, especially the sweeps (it better be pretty sexy for 5 repeats) and when the measure-long chords were playing. I'm guessing this isn't complete yet so you'd still have a lot more to add.

Here's what I did like:
You have some decent rhythms in there, and the drums are pretty intense which is what you were going for I'd imagine. I also liked that the chords had some color to them. The odd time signatures worked fine as well.

This seems like a decent start to a pretty cool song. So it has potential, but it will take some work to turn it into something great.
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