Got myself a Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass in Natural finish today

She plays and sounds lovely
Got her for £229, plus a rather good, ProtectionRacket gig bag/case (it's a hybrid between a gig bag and hard case, its epic) for £69.

Setup wise I haven't done anything yet as it's pretty much as I'd like it, action's just over 2.5mm at the 12th fret on the E string, and apparently they rarely do anything to guitars when they get them in at the shop i bought it from (MusicRoom in Salisbury) and if they do its only minor, so this is basically the factory setup and I'm rather impressed with it for a Squier (not dissing Squier, but for a bass of this price I wouldn't expect that much effort to be put into setup).
Construction wise it's pretty solid all round, feels like something of a much higher price mostly, except for the volume and tone knobs which aren't completely upright :/

Anyways, I am *very* pleased with it, I have an Ibanez GSR200 which is pretty good, but it's not what I would've bought as my first bass, I only bought it because my sister wanted to sell it to me for cheaps and I wanted a bass, and Im getting more into funky, slappy stuff now which this just feels better suited to.

Hope you like
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A wonderful bass! the VM series play as well as the old MIM Fenders, and have an excellent sound to them too. The one you got is one my favorites to pick up any time I go to a GC.
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Just got one of these too a few weeks ago, haven't got to really try it yet, but got a greaaat deal. I do love the natural body, maple neck with black, probably my new favorite look.
yeah, i love the look of the neck, the block inlays and the binding are so gorgeous!!

there has been like 4 or 5 NBDs with this bass since the last month. it seems it's kind of a UG standard. surely, it's because it is such a good bass for the price...

I love mine you know.

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beautiful looking bass, congrats.
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