Can someone please explain to me how potentiometers ,capacitors,resistors, and diodes relate to getting a certain sound?I figured out how a breadboard works so I know I'm ready to start experimenting.I'm looking to make analog mods chorus,flange,phase,reverb and octave as well as tube screamer and big muff mods.
I think you're in a bit over your head. Start with something simpler.
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You're trying to run a marathon, when you haven't even learned how to crawl. Please don't take offense to that analogy.

You need to buy or borrow a book on electronic design and transistor theory. You need a basic understanding of these components and how they react and interact with each other to take a signal and transform it into something different. As ChemicalFire mentioned, you really need something simpler. Perhaps you should purchase a kit and assemble it. Most kits will explain the theory behind their operation. All of this can help you learn.
thanx man and that was a great help...but i guess i'm looking 2 b more of designer and not a builder...i just wanna b able 2 write a spec of a pedal that i designed and hand it off 2 someone who can do all the heavy lifting...so i guess i was looking 4 someone 2 tell me how i get certain sounds....the breadboard seems very simple 2 use...i just wanna what these do and don't do so i will know how 2 use them...
First off, "2" and "4" are not words, they're numbers. Second off, I'll second that you are way over your head. I know what those things do, but I'm no where near smart enough to just sit down and pen out a pedal design. I could probably change the sound of an existing design somewhat intelligently but I couldn't create one. If you're just looking to tell a builder what to do, find a builder and ask him if he could do that.