Recently my strat (highway one) started giving off a large amount of hum that is overwhelming even when practicing at medium volumes. Its definitely from the guitar, as I've tried it with different cables and amps. The thing that is strange is that it just started doing this about a month ago after having it for 3 years. I was going to try shielding it better, but i'm not sure if that is the root problem. the hum goes away in the 2nd and 4th pickup positions since the middle pickup is reverse wound. Any thoughts? Could a ground wire have come loose?
Pop it open and check the ground connections. They do come off sometimes. If this is it, then it is an easy fix.
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It happen normally with single coils. They make single coil pickups designed to stop it. It doesn't mean there's anything wrong with it.
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I'd be willing to bet it's what FatalGear said. It sounds like a simple grounding wire issue. Single coils buzz, but not THAT much.

I suppose a fair question to ask would be how much gain you're using? Do you still get buzz on the clean channel?