How big of a difference is it going to make on the instrument? I'm not a bassist myself (buying a bass for my gf) so any help you can give is greatly appreciated.

These are the two were looking at



We're limited to ESP right now since we can get a good deal on ESP instruments and these were her favorites. If i went with the B-5e id swap the pups and probably the tuners (I think she'd like it more because of the looks, and i'm leaning towards it as well).

Doesn't it just refer to the thickness of the neck at that end and so will slightly affect the spacing of the strings based on the width of the nut? So the smaller one will have strings slightly closer together?

(someone please correct me if I'm wrong!!)
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Thats pretty well what i thought, i just wanted someone to clear it up. Also if anyone has had any experience with the spector legend classic 5, please chime in. They've got those in stock at my local shop.