I literally just got my first electric, I'm no newb to guitars as I've been playing since 4th or 5th grade, but this was my first electric, so everything's different. After hours at GC, I found a Schecter C-1 Custom. Amazing guitar, and the pedal was also a Perfect purchase, they work well together. Today, after I came home, I Plugged everything in and wanted to jam, but my pedal light didn't turn on, even after the numerous different input/output configurations, so the only thing I can think of is that maybe something interal is wrong? Like, lol, do pedals have batteries? I'm really new to the electric guitar world, so any help would be grateful. And idk if this matters, but I have livewire cables, and a Roland cube amp.
Yes, pedals need batteries. How else do you think they work?
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did you open up the back and check if there was a battery inside?
if not 9 volts are what you need
But.. I just bought it, why would I need to replace it? And it has this other black hole that says 18, or 9v or something by the output, do I need another special cable to charge it, or just replace it?
You could get a power supply. Make sure you have the correct voltages. Some pedals eat batteries fast.
No the pedal will take a standard 9V battery. On top of that not all pedals come with one pre-installed. The back is a power input slot for a power pack. It means that it can take either a 9 volt power source or for more headroom an 18 volt power source.
A nine volt should be fine, that pedal can use 9, 12 or 18 volts.
Yeah, it says 9v or 18, but there's a hole for it, I can buy a wire or something for it? Because I don't want to keep unscrewing all the odd screws on the side just to replace it..
tip: don't leave it plugged in if you are not playing. Even if the pedal isn't on and you're amp is off, it will drain the battery.
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Yeah, I was leaving the guitar part in, and I had still connected to my amp. Thanks a bunch yo.