hello, i have a schecter c1 plus with a licensed floyd rose. i just recently noticed that whenever i bend my strings i get this awful creaking noise from the springs. any help or suggestions would be great. thanks
When you say "bend the strings" do you mean a bend, with your finger on the fretboard, or do you mean using the tremolo?

If you are sure the sound is coming from the springs I would just check to see if the springs are scraping on anything.

I agree with the first post above, try some WD 40 on the springs (be careful to not get it all over the place). If that doesn't work I would probably just get new springs. They are about 7 or 8 bucks for a set.
should i remove the strings to apply the wd-40? or just kinda coat them? and bend as in bending with my fingers on the fretboard