So I am ****inh up my guitar for science and have a active pickup im adding.

For this I have 2 500k pots and 2 25k pots so the ohms arent all jacked. I geared if you have both puckups on at the same time one pretty much devours the other, and what I'm asking is if this is because people have them sharing pots and messing up the ohms? If not can I turn the dominant pickup down so you can hear them both or do I absolutely have to use one or the other?
You can use them together, but that is some pretty complicated wiring. I've never done it myself, but from talking to be who did said that it wasn't worth the trouble and didn't sound very good.
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Use the 25K pots for the EMG, and the 500k pots for the passive pickup. This way you can use one or the other with no adverse affects, but with the switch in the middle position the passive pickup will have reduced gain and response. This is because the active pickup has a lower impedance and dominates the signal. It's not because the active has a higher output. So turning the volume on the active pickup down probably wouldn't help.