So I'm converting my passive 7 string to actives. Everythings fine, except I'm not sure what the wires that connect the green terminal to the toggle switch. Nor do I know where the ground wire is. It says cut the insulation off the switch wires. Are those the black and white wires in a white jacket with the connectors? Thanks for any help
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Photos help more than descriptions. Wire colours are not a standard system; one company may use a black wire for ground, others may use white, or red, or green or blue or anything else. So unfortunately saying the colours doesn't help much.

But when you're converting passive to active, this shouldn't be an issue anyway. Active pickups require a different jack and different pots to passives, so those should be getting replaced (along with the existing wiring). The toggle switch should stay but also needs to be rewired; you may be able to use the existing wires but it's usually better to use fresh wire, to keep everything consistent and so you can be sure every contact is clean. The ground wire to the be bridge should simply be removed entirely; in other words, none of the existing wiring matters, because it's all being replaced.


If you go to 'product data sheets' under the pickup description, there are .pdf files that show you pretty much every way to wire up the pickups. Just take everything out and wire it up as their diagrams say. It may seem more economical to keep whatever existing wiring you can, but really that just invites confusion and problems.
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